Release notes

All details about the updates or new features of each new release updated by our Product team!

Release 10.0.23 - May 2024

May Release Notes 🌟

📱 New Mobile Release


  • Consent 5.3.2: Automatic JSON update when receiving a new one from the CDN. Benefit: Ensures continuous compliance and accuracy.


  • Consent 5.3.0 / Core 5.4.0 / IAB 5.1.0:

    • Unified TCConsent Module: Now there's only one module instead of separate ones for IAB and non-IAB. Benefit: Simplifies consent management.

    • Remove Refused Vendors from TCUser: When no consent is available. Benefit: Cleaner consent handling.

💳 Credit Usage UI Improvements

What's New:

  • Time Split: View by day for periods < 30 days, by week for periods < 90 days. Benefit: More precise credit usage tracking.

  • New Metric Names: Closer to those on customer invoices. Benefit: Better data understanding.

  • UI Enhancements: Improved sorting order, labels, and colors. Benefit: More intuitive and navigable interface.

👥 Target Audience: Sales team & customers with "account administrator" rights.

🧼 Data Cleansing UX Improvement

  • Show More Than 10 Cleansings on a Single Page. Benefit: Improved organization and management of cleansings.

🍪 Technical Session Cookies Update

  • Renaming Cookies for 1st Party Tracking: Previously named "phoenix". Benefit: More accurate and understandable nomenclature.

More information here.

  • Better detection of first-party session cookies

🔍 Anti-Adblocking Enhancement

Key Changes:

  • Adblocker Detection: Now included in web containers. Benefit: More comprehensive data collection despite adblockers.

👥 Target Audience: Customers using oneTag. You need to generate/redeploy all containers containing a oneTag tag.

📈 Google Analytics 4 Enhanced Conversions

  • New Feature: Send user-provided data along with the user identifier to improve behavior and conversion measurement.

🛠 Amazon Ads CAPI Update

Key Changes:

  • No longer in closed beta, open to all customers.

  • More user-friendly setup: Add a new conversion definition directly within the destination settings.

✨ Benefits:

  • Officially the easiest and most user-friendly Amazon CAPI setup

📊 Facebook - Conversion API Advanced (closed beta)

Key Changes:

  • Dynamic Fields: Allows dynamic values for Pixel ID and token.

  • Smart Mapping:

    • Easier to review/master all data shared with Facebook

    • Option to send all properties as custom data or define them manually.

    • Option to send App events and review/edit app specific properties sent to Facebook

  • Advanced Settings: Options for content type, custom data, test code and additional PageView events. Benefit: Greater control over data shared with Facebook, more options, and flexibility.

🎯 Why These Changes:

  • Integration of requested features and customer feedback

🚀 New Destination: Outbrain

  • Server-Side Event Tracking: Enabled for more accurate performance measurement. Benefit: Enhanced tracking capabilities.

Thank you for your attention and continuous engagement! We look forward to your feedback on these improvements.

Release 10.0.22 - March 2024

Mobile SDK Consent 5.2.1 🔧 Resolved a potential crash with Vendors details drop-down. ➕ Added the Privacy Manifest file for enhanced security. 🔨 Fixed Layout Constraints warnings on the purposes screen. 🖼️ Ensured the Illustrations button always displays correctly.


  • Smoother navigation without crashes.

  • Enhanced privacy with manifest file integration.

  • Improved layout stability for a seamless user experience.

Mobile SDK Core 5.3.4, ServerSide 5.4.3, IAB 5.0.2 ➕ All modules now feature the Privacy Manifest file.


  • Heightened privacy measures across all platforms.

New Destination: LinkedIn Conversions API🔗 🎉 Introducing the LinkedIn CAPI for direct marketing data connection. Benefits:

  • Track campaign performance anywhere for optimized results.

  • Better attribution and cost efficiency with complete data sets.

New Destination: Firebase Analytics for Mobile Applications 💡 📱 Introducing a new informative configuration page for Firebase Analytics integration. Benefits:

  • Seamless bridge between CMP & Firebase Analytics.

  • Easy implementation of Google Consent Mode with Firebase Analytics (GA4).

Security Enhancement! 🛡️ 🔒 Native platform login has been exclusively streamlined with SSO.


  • Enhanced security with SSO-only access.

  • Improved user experience without confusion.

Speed Boost! 🚀 TMS client-side now limits displayed container versions at the generation step for efficiency.


  • Eliminates timeouts and crashes during version generation.

  • Clients can still access the latest 100 versions effortlessly.

Real-time Destination's settings updates 🚀 🚀 Modifications now propagate instantly across all servers for faster updates (settings, filters, activation, dry mode, etc.).


  • No more waiting times, changes take effect instantly.

  • Easy testing iterations for seamless destination adjustments.

Introducing new "Reset Password" Page! 🔑 🔑 Enjoy a user-friendly password reset experience.


  • Simplicity: Visual widget for accurate input and ability to use passphrase

  • Smartness: Progress bar for security evaluation.

  • Solidity: Compliance with new standards for passphrase usage.

New Destination: Taboola Events 🎉 New destination now available for server-side event tracking with Taboola.


  • Track conversions without client-side pixel installation.

Your feedback matters! Let us know how these updates enhance your Commanders Act experience. 😃

Release 10.0.21 - February 2024

🔧 GA4 Source Update (Adloop) 🔧

  • All GA4 conversion events now selectable as main conversions in Adloop

  • Events conditionable by custom variables (customEvent, customUser)

💡 Benefits:

  • Comprehensive GA4 data-source connector

  • Clients easily locate diverse GA4 conversions & events in Adloop

  • Precise attribution calculation for better performance insights

🔍 Dry mode enhancement 🔍 We had a smart credential cache management on our (closed beta) dry mode feature on destinations. 💡Benefits: Allow to not have Event Delivery polluted by false errors when you switch to OFF the dry mode

🚀 Source Data Quality Boost 🚀 🔍 Here's what's new:

🛠️ Faster interface loading for seamless user experience 🛠️ Simplified menu for quicker access 🛠️ Sneak peek into the Alerting system (closed beta) 🛠️ Shortcut buttons for validation rules & Data Cleansing

Why it rocks:

  • Increased productivity with lightning-fast loading

  • Simplified workflows for easier navigation

  • Immediate issue detection for data quality perfection

🛡️ New Privacy Template "popin accessibility" 🛡️ 🔒 New offerings for enhanced privacy & UX:

🔹 Ready-to-use privacy template for WCAG compliance 🔹 Streamlined UX with improved information display

💡 Why it's great:

  • WCAG compliance made simple

  • Enhanced opt-in rates with new popin template

  • Improved clarity for better user engagement

🚀 Customer Spotlight: Amazon CAPI Integration 🚀 🌟 Big shoutout to the team for wowing users with our CAPI integration! 🌟

Release 10.0.20 - January 2024

🌟 Vue.js Wrapper Version Update (TMS)🌟 🔗 Explore the Latest Release

  • Compatibility Enhanced: Now fully compatible with Vue3, ensuring a smoother integration for your web applications.

  • Why This Matters: Seamless updates mean less downtime and more productivity for developers leveraging Vue.js in their projects.

🔍 Live Event Inspector Enhancements 🔍

  • Test Code Events Bypass: Events with the test_code property can now bypass the standard sampling limit (2 millions stored logs max), guaranteeing visibility in high-traffic scenarios.

  • Increased Visibility for Test Code Events: For events marked with test_code, there is now a generous sampling allowance of 100 events per minute per event type. This guarantees the visibility of these events for testing and validation purposes.

  • Filterable Test Codes: The test_code property has been made searchable and filterable, simplifying the QA process.

  • Targeted Benefit: Ideal for server-side feature users needing comprehensive event tracking, like mobile app production tests.

📦 Amazon CAPI Destination Beta 📦 🔗 Closed Beta Access

  • Exclusive Early Access: Initially available to some customers, with potential openings for eager customers.

  • Why Join the Beta: Influence the development of our Amazon CAPI destination and get a head start on leveraging this powerful integration.

🔧 Smart Mapping for Google Enhanced Conversions 🔧

  • Intuitive Automation: Automatic mapping with the option for manual adjustments enhances data accuracy and utility.

  • Why It's Great: Spend less time on setup and more on Data Governance with this smart, flexible feature.

🛠 UX Enhancements Across Destinations 🛠

  • Error Prevention: Fields now have helpful prompts in red for incorrect inputs, reducing errors and improving data quality.

  • Why It Matters: A more user-friendly interface leads to fewer mistakes and a smoother operation for our clients.

📈 Significant User Enrichment Feature Upgrade 📈

  • Advanced Data Enrichment: Create complex formulas for dynamic user scoring and attributes, all with a no-code approach.

  • Business Impact: Drive targeted marketing actions and advanced customer segmentation, leading to improved ROI and analytics capabilities.

📣 CMP Feature Release: Google Consent Mode V2 📣

  • Effortless Implementation: Activate Google Consent Mode v2 easily, enhancing data collection quality while ensuring compliance.

  • Who Benefits: Any client using Commanders Act Consent banners with Google tags, aiming for hassle-free RGPD compliance.

🌱 Server-Side Architecture Eco-Efficiency 🌱

  • Increased Efficiency: We've optimized our architecture to process events more efficiently, significantly improving performance while minimizing our environmental footprint.

🔧 Segmentation Engine v1 Update 🔧

  • Refined Performance: We've made incremental but meaningful updates to the Segmentation Engine v1, improving the efficiency of segment calculation times. This enhancement ensures smoother site personalization experiences.

  • Site Personalization Impact: These improvements will subtly enhance the speed for websites to customize pages for each visitor, ensuring a more seamless user experience.

  • Looking Ahead: Our development focus is on the Segmentation Engine v2 (currently in QA phase), which is set to bring groundbreaking performance and modernization that will take segmentation to the next level.

📲 Facebook CAPI Now Supports Offline Conversions 📲

  • Send your offline conversion through your purchase event (type: offline)

📱 Google Consent Mode Update for Android & iOS 📱

  • Firebase Users: Ensure seamless integration with the latest versions tailored for Android and iOS platforms.

🎹 Piano Analytics Enrichment API Destination Released 🎹

  • Data Enrichment Made Easy: Seamlessly update transaction statuses or values, enriching your data landscape.

Release 10.0.19 - December 2023

  • 🔧 Advanced Flexibility in Destination’s Consent Filters: Get more flexibility for complex privacy setups You managing consent through our CMP while also utilizing a competitor's solution for different websites on the same account? You can now employ native privacy filters from either our CMP or an external solution within the same account !

  • 📊 Enhanced Event Collection Charts: Now More Insightful. It's such easier to see the type of events collected!

  • 🔒 Data Governance: Introducing 'Tag & Data Sharing' Page. In a quick view, control the shared Datas through the Client-Side TMS tags. *Please note: This is the preview v0 of this page. A nicer version is coming soon!

  • 🔑 Streamlined Platform Administration Access: Instant Workspace Access. No more need to log out and re login when you get access to a new site As an administrator, you granted access to a workspace to one of your colleague? He just need to refresh the page to see the site into the search bar's list. No need to log out and re-login anymore!

  • 🌟 Consistent and Upgraded Chart Styles Across the Platform is now applied to all graphs!

    All our customers can enjoy a better visualization with this enhancement of standardization on our platform.

Release 10.0.18 - November 2023

  • Ability to search by source-key in the Source Overview & Destination Overview UIs:

  • New version of the Source Data Quality UI: It's even easier to see the quality of your data at a glance ! "What proportion of events have errors to need to be fixed?" The new Overview chart give you the answer in realtime. You will also be able to filter by environment (by default Production environment is shown) and by source.

  • Platform

    • User Management UI: speed increase x3

  • Destinations

    • GEC destination enhancement: Avoid random "failed_get_conversion_id" errors in Event Delivery.

  • Mobile

    • React-Native:

      • add useLegacyUniqueIDForConsentID & useLegacyUniqueIDForAnonymousID

      • startScreen for privacy center choose your launch on the Vendors or Purposes UI

Release 10.0.17 - 24/10/23

  • Platform

    • Security enhancement : passwords now required a minimum of 12 characters

    • Proxy configuration (Cloud Flare, etc.) in domain management UI

  • TMS/CMP interfaces:

    • Slightly increase UI loading time on TMS pages​

    • UI random errors fixed

  • Server Side

    • Event Inspector UX improvement: user properties (standard and custom) are now searchable by default

    • Destination Event delivery UX improvement:​ Longer duration for conservation of error details​

    • Destination Properties Transformations option UX improvement: allows the same transformations as the Data Cleansing UI​

  • Debug Mode for Source/Destination Live Event Inspector Adding a special parameter to you events allows you to have them visible in Event Inspector, even on production environment with billions of events. This debug parameter will allows you to bypass the "Intelligent Sampling".

  • Mobile

    • Consent​

      Android & iOS: ​

      • iAB new function to get the number of IAB vendors​

        • iAB remove consentOutdated callback migrating to iabv2.2​

      Android: do_not_track parameter as a boolean inside the payload​

      IOS: illustrations fix on privacy center​

    • Core​

      • Android & iOS: translations fix on migrating to iab v2.2​

    • Server Side​

      • Android & iOS: ​

        • language and country code from the device​

        • 2 function to use legacy ID TC_UNIQUEID​

  • New destinations

    • The Trade Desk: CAPI

    • Piwik PRO

    • Alphalyr Marketing Studio

    • TradeTracker

  • Destinations​ updates

    • Awin: support for “Smart Mapping” and “Custom Event Properties”.​

    • Mapp: support for "Independent parameters“.

Release 10.0.16 - 24/09/23

  • TMS/CMP ​interfaces: Add a loading indicator to TMS/CMP interfaces

  • Copy Manager​: When you duplicate a site (aka workspace), you can now copy Server Side configurations (PlatformX activation, Sources, Destinations, Data Management, Enrichments, etc...)

  • Interface speed improvements​ on the following pages:

    • TMS: Container overview => +22%​

    • TMS: External variable => +41%​

    • Mix: Attribution option => + 46%​

    • CMP: Privacy banners overview => +38%​

    • Admin: Profile management => +21%

    • Segment overview => +40%

  • Files imports: The fields mapping now support conditionnal value transformation with Data cleansing formulas​

  • Data Activation: Variables UI can now be reached from Segment overview

  • Mobile​ Android & iOS: add language & region​ Android & iOS: Firebase Destination (for Analytics)​ IOS: Fix for non-IAB Privacy​

  • Destinations​ updates

    • Adobe Analytics​ authentication token. You can see our updated documentation here

    • Pinterest: support for "click_id“ and "view_item" mapped to "page_visit“.​

    • Piano Analytics Collection API: removed useless “ref” parameter.​

Release 10.0.15 - 24/08/23

  • New API "Users Activities logs" This new API allows administrators to get all users activities history (who has changed what, when, etc...). Read the technical API documentation to start using it.

  • Live Report Builder: enhancement on UI The filters are now directly visible as before, and the data set limitation (if any) is visible on mouse over only on the flag "limited dataset"

  • Data Cleansing: new function "GET(property_name)" Allows to work on a property name that contains special characters incompatible with formula. For example if your property name contains a - like page-count you will not be able to write this formula because it is interpreted as a minus sign :


    Now you can, just write :


    You can read our dedicated documentation here

  • Consent dashboards: new metric for "Global Privacy Control" This new metric will help you to identify the amount of "Optout All" registered through a GPC parameter turned ON

  • Consent banners: IAB TCF v2.2 compliance Our customers can now be compliant with the latest framework of IAB TCF (v2.2) It is available for Web & Mobile apps ! If you need more information about migration please check this section of our documentation

  • New destination : Google Ads Conversion Adjustment (closed beta)

  • Normalized Datalayer (closed beta): Add an option to not consider missing properties as an issue (not impacting quality score). Accept unspecified properties without warning

  • UX enhancements and speed up of Destination's interfaces (destination list, etc.)

Release 10.0.14 - 24/07/23

  • Performance tab of Facebook CAPI destinations For more information, you can have look to our new documentation's dedicated page

  • Live Report Builder: 2 new charts We added two new type of charts in LRB : bar chart and pie chart. You can retrieve them in the edition part of a LRB report !

  • Live Report Builder: UX enhancement The filters are now directly visible as before, and the data set limitation (if any) is visible on mouse over only on the flag "limited dataset"

  • Mobile: New SDK version released for IAB TCFv2.2 For more details, please read our documentation page For technical instructions, you can refer to our Github : Android & IOS

Release 10.0.13 - 24/06/23

  • Data Cleansing: New functions available 9 new functions related to dates: DATEPARSE ; DATEFORMAT ; DATEADD ; DATESUB ; DATEDIFF ; AGE ; [YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTES, SECONDS] ; TIMEZONE ; TODAY

  • Consent: New setting "Global Privacy Control" Setting to be configured at the banner level. Required for CCPA banners For further information, you can read this page

  • Destinations: New section 'events filtered' on Event Delivery tab For all destinations, on Event Delivery tab, there is a new section with number of filtered events (consents, conditions defined)

  • Destinations: Dry Mode (lab) - Closed Beta The Dry mode allows you to simulate sending events, but events are not sent to the destination.

  • Destinations: update on Facebook Conversion API We released a Performance tab with Event Match Quality score The Performance tab can now display Event Match Quality insights, coming from Facebook. It represents the matching quality, referring to the quality of events sent (completeness of data, like events with email, phone, fbp, fbc...). More identifiers are present on events sent, better is the score. You can have a look to our documentation

  • UI Improvements: Statistics on weather icons On hover of weather icons, you can see the percentage of accepted/refused events

Release 10.0.12 - 24/05/23

  • Event delivery improvement for Audience based destinations Event Delivery errors messages for Audience connectors (API connectors such as Facebook Custom Audience, Google Customer Match...) now provide more detailed information about errors encountered.

  • Sources: update on GTM Bridge A Commanders Act source key is now required in the bridge configuration. As, in the future, events without a source key will be discarded, it is important that you apply the update. If it is not already done, please update it as soon as you can, following the instructions available in our documentation.

  • Destinations settings enhancement: New dynamic text input component on settings fields (except Smart Mapping for the moment)

  • Mobile:

    • Video Events are now natively supported For more informations about video events, you can have a look to our documentation

    • the property 'do not track' has been added Required by CNIL for Consent Statistics exempted. For more information check our documentation

    • Flutter SDK minor updates

  • New destinations releases: Adform:

  • Destinations updates: Equativ: improvements and user/cookie sync fix

    GA4: send all properties option, automatic session id. Proxy mode is open to more beta customers. Global opening on 25/05

    Piano Analytics: send all properties

    TikTok: “Smart Mapping” support

    Partnerize: field encoding fixes

    Awin: dynamic fields support

    Commission Junction: dynamic fields support

Release 10.0.11 - 24/04/23

  • A new item has been added to the navigation menu of our platform: 'Data Governance'. For the moment, you will find the pages related to your privacy banners configuration's in the tab 'Consent Management'. More pages are coming soon!

  • Data Cleansing: 2 new function for your formulas:

  • New destinations releases Data Activation Legacy: Only for Data Activation customers. Gives you the possibility to map the format of the events to the format of the data activation (Data Commander variables). To go deeper, you can consult our online documentation

    GA4 Proxy Mode: The proxy mode option allows you to anonymize data before to send it to Google. *We also added analyses, suggestions and report's impact in our online documentation

  • Destinations updates GA4: Send all properties in one click to Google

    TikTok: Offers a smart mapping option

  • Bridge updates GTM bridge: a Commanders Act source key is now required in the bridge configuration. As, in the future, events without a source key will be discarded, it is important that you apply the update. For further information, read the bridge’s updated documentation.

Release 10.0.10 - 24/03/23

  • Formula component enhancement (Data Cleansing, Event Enrichment, ...) The field now resizes automatically according to the size of the formula, to facilitate the reading and writing of complex formulas. Users can also resize the field themselves if needed

  • New User Rights 3 new user rights have been added in Rights management interface to manage the Destination Builder feature

Release - 22/02/23

More information here:

Destination builder
  • Data Cleansing – new functions added​


  • Events reference update

    video events has been added

  • New destinations:

  • Consent management - Exempted statistics

    • New tag in the library to facilitate the setup​

  • Event Replay - Closed alpha​

  • New source:

    • Flutter - for mobile App Closed beta

  • Campaign analysis ​

    • Make it possible to send a timestamp with the incoming hit​ of your campaigns collection

Release 10.0.9 - 14/02/23

  • 27% increase in the speed of the interfaces listed below:

    • Client-side TMS UIs

    • Segments UIs

    • Admin UIs

    • Campaign options UIs

    • Banner builder and consent Dashboard UIs

Release 10.0.8 - 24/01/23

  • OnSite API:

    5 new commands are available, to help you on consent behaviour management:

    • cact('consent.onReady', (consent) => console.log(consent))

    • cact('')

    • cact('consentBanner.hide')

    • cact('')

    • cact('consentCenter.hide')

  • Destinations:

    • Adobe Analytics: beta

    • Pinterest: beta

    • Piano Analytics: improvement you can now set the Piano Site Id parameter with a dynamic value

Release 10.0.7 - 24/12/22

  • Destinations:

    • Easier debug in Event delivery and Event inspector, now both shows information when a javascript error raise in the destination code. Usefull when you build your own destination using the Destination builder's Javascript Sandbox:

    • Google Universal Analytics (GA3): beta

    • Adobe Analytics: closed beta

    • Audience based destinations : All "closed beta" or "closed alpha" destinations are now open to everybody. Also, all these audience-based destinations benefit from the Event Delivery feature and Threshold Alerting feature\

  • Explore: Enhancement of LRB integrations in the platform\

Release 10.0.6 - 24/11/22

  • Data Management – New feature:​

    • Campaign analytics interfaces: public opening

  • Destinations:​

    • Google Enhanced Conversion connector now supports more events​

    • Commission Junction : smart mapping adjustments and public opening​

    • Google Univers Analytics: closed beta

    • Partnerize: closed alpha

    • TikTok: Add Smart Mapping : closed alpha

    • Adobe Analytics : closed alpha

  • Global Platform X:​

    • Even faster interfaces on : CMP UI, client-side TMS UI, Administrations UI, Campaigns Analytics UI => closed alpha. Public opening on 13 Jan.

    • Data Activation features: public opening

Release 10.0.5 - 24/10/22

  • Data management - new feature:

  • Enrichment - new feature:

    • Event enrichment from your Product catalog: Copy in realtime time any properties of your imported product catalog to your choosen event. Use case example: send a purchase event with only product ids and enrich your events on the server with all the product properties you have in your product catalog for these ids. (closed beta) Public opening on 08 Dec.\

  • Destinations improvements:

    • New destinations: Commission Junction (closed alpha), Partenerize (closed alpha), Google Customer Match (public beta)

    • New feature : smart mapping (closed alpha) : visualize/edit the data mapping done automatically by the system between your event properties and the destination's API. This feature will be progressively open on each destination during next months.\

    • Enhancement on existing destinations: Tradedoubler, Criteo conversion, Snapchat, GEC, TikTok, Kwanko

    • Event delivery: error's labels enhancement, easier to understand what is wrong

  • Sources enhancements:

    • Web container : Add a summary/setup guide step.

  • Campaign analytics - new feature:

    • New whitelist feature for landing page redirections (closed beta)

Release 10.0.4 - 24/09/22

  • Global Platform enhancement:

  • Source improvements:

    • iOS SDK: Core 5.1.1 ServerSide 5.1.2

      • Supporting TVOS Consent 5.1.2

      • Disclosure for IAB's vendors

  • Destinations improvements:

    • Event inspector now show initial event too in each log

    • Enhancement on existing destinations : Piano Analytics

  • Explore improvements:

Release 10.0.3 - 24/08/22

  • Sources improvements:

    • Live Events Inspector for sources, available both in Sources menu (for all sources) and on each source (tab Event Inspector). It allows to inspect/debug your incoming events​

  • Destinations improvements: ​

    • Advanced mapping feature evolves to Event Properties transformation feature.

      • Ability to create new property and map them to existing one for a specific destination

    • Enhancement on existing destinations : Piano Analytics, Snapchat and Google Enhanced conversions

    • Webhook enhancement : ability to use properties, static values, or a melt of both, everywhere (url, body, headers)​

    • New destinations :

    • Template importer (closed alpha) : import in the destination catalog your custom destination template build with the sandbox JS (Compatible with GTM templates)

  • Campaign analysis -> Live Report builder look and feel enhancements

  • Minor UI enhancements:

    • tooltip on all destinations or sources logo in overview UI

    • Increase clarity of labels on some UI

    • Add technical base for future onboarding features

Release 10.0.2 - 24/07/22

  • Sources improvements: ​

    • Duplicate a source (except web containers)​

    • Link/unlink destinations to a source (create and edit)​

  • Destinations improvements: ​

    • Duplicate a destination to edit it in another environment​

    • Activate/ deactivate switch​, to pause a destination

    • Userfriendly way to select a specific sources to a destination (create and edit)​

    • Advanced mapping​ on each destination

    • TikTok connector (Web mode only, App mode in September)​

    • Piano Analytics, Snapchat, Criteo, GA4 enhancements/fix​

Release 10.0.1 - 24/06/22

  • Sources improvements: ​

    • Source data quality in health menu (global) and in a tab for each source​

    • Adding new sources, currently in closed alpha (Shopify, pixel tracking, cost imports…)​

    • Source event inspector : inspect each event individually (intelligent sampling)

    • Adding new environment: ‘development’​

  • Destinations improvements: ​

    • Consent categories dropdown on destination’s filters​​

    • Destination description: what you will need & supported sources sections​

    • Adding new environment: ‘development’​

  • Improvements on 2FA​

  • Integration of segment stats interface​

  • New connectors: Criteo Events, Tradedoubler, Xandr*, Appnexus*, Tableau*​

  • Destination enhancements:​

    • Webhook v2 (more methods, and more formatting data possibilities)​

    • Google Enhanced Conversion v2 (new Google API)​

    • Google Analytics 4 (more options)​

    • AT Internet (cookie server)​

    • Awin (more advanced affiliation property option)

(*) audience based destination

Release 10.0.0 - 21/01/2022

  • Serverside v2 interfaces - closed beta 1

Release 0.0.12 - 01/02/1970

  • Removed humans, they weren't doing fine with animals.

  • Animals are now super cute, all of them.

Release 0.0.1 - 01/01/1970

  • Introduced animals into the world, we believe they're going to be a neat addition.

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