Tableau Online

For this connector, the concept is to send to Tableau each X minutes new events in append mode (ex : pageviews, clicks, impressions, ...)

We are able to push Data to Tableau every 10 minutes (full export or delta).

Append mode will add new lines to existing table in Tableau, so the stream has to be configured to differential (export only new events), like this :

For users universe, it's different, you can't choose "append" because users are updated continously and you don't want to add each times the same users, so you have to choose overwrite mode for this univers, with an export each night (because it will take hours to send all users to Tableau) (edited)

Tableau online doesn't support updates It offers only append or overwrite

Help to fill the connectors input :

Url Server The URL for the Tableau server on which the data is published. For Tableau Online, specify -- Site name The site id is independent of the site name, and it is indicated in the URL when you view the site in a browser. For example, if the URL for the page you see after signing in to Tableau Online is the site id is vernazza. -- date source name The name of the data source, as published to Tableau Online. -- username Valid Tableau Online user. -- password The password for the specified Tableau Online user.

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