Mapp, formerly Webtrekk, generates actionable insights for brands to engage with their customers and deliver cross-channel marketing campaigns. Using this destination you can implement Mapp server-side tracking.

Key features

The Mapp destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference covers Mapp request types, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Custom events and properties: you can freely push custom events and properties based on your specific needs.

  • Support for multi-item data: information included in the item array is dispatched to Mapp.

Destination setup

This destination supports Mapp independent parameters by detecting them inCustom Event Properties. See Configuration for more details. Use Destination filters to refine events and/or other properties matching your specific needs.



Track Domain


Your track domain as provided by Mapp.

Track Id


Your track identifier as provided by Mapp.

Custom Event Properties

Map your custom event properties by setting their field names in Event property name and adding the field name holding the value in Commanders Act event property. E.g. if you inputsizein the Event property name and items.0.product.size in Commanders Act event property, you'll have a custom event property in Mapp calledsizewith a value based on the content of the field items.0.product.size [1].

In the column Commanders Act event property position you should keep the default value Default (root) as it better fits most scenarios. In case you select either In "items" {items.X} or In "product" {items.X.product} this destination will look for the input event property starting from the items or product level respectively and concatenate values separated by a semicolon (";").

Exclude Mapp "ct" Parameter

Under the "Advanced Settings", you have the option to exclude the Mapp ct parameter by flagging this checkbox. More information on this parameter are available in the Field Mapping section.

[1] Using "dots" (".") you can navigate deeper to the specific field you want to get the value of. See Events reference for more details on the standard field names by event. You can also freely set custom fields: there are no boundaries.

Quick reference

Commanders Act EventsMapp Request Type

[Any Event]

page or event or media or form [1]

[1] Custom events are also supported. More details on Mapp request types are available following this LINK.

Field mappings

Session handling is done by Mapp using the ever id. If this information is not available, the session is recognized by the user agent and the IP address. More details are available following this LINK. Depending on Mapp request types you're sending, some properties may not be tracked by Mapp. More details are available following this LINK.

Commanders Act PropertiesMapp Properties


p [1]




ceid [2]


cookie wt3_eid

eid [2]




X-WT-UA [3]

page.url page.location

X-WT-RQ [2][3]



partners.mapp.event_name or


ct [2][4]








st [5]

ba [6]


co [6]


qn [6]


plp [6]

Custom Event Properties

[Custom Property Name] [7]

[1] Default value: 300,0,0,0,0,0,event_timestamp,0,0,0. [2] Priority order is listed in the left column. [3] Encoded property. [4] Property excluded with page_view event. [5] If the items array is filled and depending on incoming events, this is set with: •add, for add_to_cart event. •conf, for purchase event. •view, as default value. [6] Product information separated by semicolon and computed amounts are rounded with two decimals. [7] SeeCustom Event Propertiesin Configuration for more details on how you can bridge custom properties to Mapp.

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