Segment management

This is where you create, edit and/or delete segments.

  1. The first column displays the segments’ names.

  2. The second column displays the segments’ technical IDs (present in the “TC AUDIENCE” cookie we use to store information about a segment).

  3. The third column shows the percentage of visitors that are included in a segment.

  4. The fourth column specifies the associated streams, using this segment.

  5. The fifth column shows when was the last time a segment was modified.

  6. The sixth column is where you edit or delete a segment, by clicking the pencil or the trash can.

How to add multiple values in a segment?

Let’s say, for example, you want to match all users with ZIP code equals ‘75009’ or ‘92120’ or ‘94230’… and you realized you have more than 30 different values!

You can type one zip code per one, but it is long.

Or you can also copy and paste directly your values. However, you should use a separator between these values ; or |

Don’t forget to add the separator behind the last value also to paste all your values.

You can paste-up to 1024 values in the segment

How to segment on conversion items?

You can segment on conversion items, meaning products bought by users.

First, you have to select 'conversion' universe and define a condition for conversions, like 'conversion ID exists' = users have at least 1 conversion.

Then the button 'ADD CONDITION' will appear, and you can define more conditions, including conditions for conversion items, select 'product':

Then, you can easily segment on conversion items:

How to segment on calculated variables

On our storage model, the main universe is users, and, attached to this main universe, there are sub universes: page views, views, clicks, conversions...

On the segmentation, you can find calculated variables like "count of page view" or "count of conversion", it represents the count of documents in the sub-universe for a specific user. As a result, you can create segments like "all users with count of page view > 10".

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