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Administration > Copy management

Commanders Act copy management allows to copy privacy banner. Privacy banners can be copied within the same account or transferred to another account.

Copying a Banner

Steps to copy a banner with copy management.

Step 1

Select Privacy banner(s) in the Elements to copy dropdown.

Step 2

Use the Site containing the privacy banner(s) to copy dropdown menu to select the site where the privacy banner is located that you want to copy.

Step 3

Select one or more privacy banner that you would like to copy in the Privacy banner(s) to copy dropdown menu.

Step 4

Choose one or multiple target sites where you want to copy the selected privacy banner with the Destination site(s) dropdown menu.

Step 5

You can copy your privacy banner to a new template by selecting Yes in the Copy the privacy content to a new template option.

After this you will be able to select the new template in the Destination template dropdown menu.

This will keep the content (text, selected color, etc.) of the banner and change the template.

This option might not work for customized privacy banner templates. Please contact your Commanders Act consultant or support in case you are unsure if your banner was customized before using this option.

Step 6

Click on blue buttonCOPY at the top right corner of the interface to copy the banner with the selected options.

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