Awin provides a global affiliation network connecting businesses with customers. Using this destination you can implement server-side tracking using the same client-side parameters.

Awin no longer support the use of pixel only implementations due to various browser constraints and limitations.

Key features

The Awin destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference covers Awin lead and sale tracking, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.

  • Support for multi-item data: information included in the item array is bridged to Awin.

  • Commission group: remunerate different products based on your commission groups.

Destination setup

The awc parameter is appended to the landing page URL by Awin to identify the source of the click. This value is mandatory and is retrieved by getting the value of either the Click Id (See Configuration) or the awc cookie, in this priority order.



Advertiser Id

Required Your advertiser programme ID. Consult your Awin account contact or assigned integrator for more information on this value. This setting supports dynamic values [1].

Conversion Type

Required The conversion type that is bound with your activity. This can be either Sale or Lead. If conversion type is Sale, only purchase events are sent to the partner, if it's Lead, only generate_lead events are forwarded to Awin.

Click Id

Awin click identifier (awc). If it's not set the cookie "awc" is used. More details are available following this LINK. This setting supports dynamic values [1].

Test Mode

This field is available when flagging the Advanced Settings . It's either 0 (default value) for live production or 1 for UAT/test environment: when setting to the latter, the incoming tracking requests will not be processed by Awin. This setting supports dynamic values [1].

Custom Event Properties

Map your custom event properties by setting their field names in Awin property name and adding the field name holding the value in Your event property. E.g. if you input size in the Awin property name and items.0.product.size in Your event property, you will have a custom event property in Awin called size with a value based on the content of the field items.0.product.size.

[1] This feature allows you to set an event property holding a dynamic value by adding two open braces ({{) in front of your property name and two close braces (}}) at the end (E.g. {{myEventPropertyPathAndName}}).

Quick reference

Commanders Act EventsAwin Tracking





Field mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. The following fields are mandatory to properly set commission groups: - items.X.affiliation - items.X.product.price - items.X.quantity

Accepted characters for the commission group codes are alphanumerics and letter in upper case, underscore (_) , point (.) and minus (-).

Commanders Act PropertiesAwin Properties

Advertiser Id

merchant [*]

Click Id

cks [1][*]




ch [2]


parts [3]







Test Mode


AW:P|Advertiser Id|id|||items.X.product.price|items.X.quantity|items.X.product.price||items.X.affiliation|items.X.product.category_1.

bd[X] [4]

[*] Mandatory property. [1] See Destination setup for more details. [2] Default value "aw". [3] Computed amounts are rounded with two decimals (E.g. "DOWNLOAD:551.18|FIX-NC:15302.67"). For sale conversion type, when the "Smart Mapping" field Item Affiliation is not filled with a proper value, the Awin "Commission Group" is set with the value DEFAULT . When you select lead as conversion type, it's set with the static string LEAD:1 . [4] It takes into account each product.

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