Partnerize provides a global affiliation network connecting businesses with customers. Using this destination you can implement server-side tracking.

Key features

The Partnerize destination provides the following key features:
  • Events structure: our Events reference leverages Partnerize lead and sale tracking, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.
  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.
  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.
  • Support for multi-item data: information included in the item array is bridged to Partnerize.
  • Commission group: remunerate different products based on your categories.

Destination setup


Campaign Id
A unique identifier assigned to the campaign and provided by Partnerize. This setting supports dynamic values [1].
Select your click ref holder
This can be either Cookie or Event property, depending on how you provide CJ "Click Reference" value.
Cookie Name for Click Tracking
If you select Cookie in Select your click ref holder, you can set your cookie name here.
Event property containing click ref
If you select Event property in Select your click ref holder, you can set your event property here. [2]
Custom Conversion URL String
The Partnerize "Conversion URL" may differ based on your specific requirements. Using this setting, you can add a custom string before the campaign parameter (E.g.[CUSTOM_STRING]campaign:...).
Optional: Partnerize Device (device)
You can set a property holding the following allowed values: "bot", "desktop", "mobile", "tablet" and "Other". More details are available following this LINK. [2]
Optional: Partnerize Context (context)
You can set a property holding the following allowed values: "web", "m_web", "m_app", "in_app", "cd_d", "cd_p", "other" and "offline". More details are available following this LINK. [2]
Custom Event Properties
Map your custom event properties by setting their field names in Partnerize property name and adding the field name holding the value in Your event property. E.g. if you inputsizein the Partnerize property name and items.0.product.size in Your event property, you'll have a custom event property in Partnerize calledsizewith a value based on the content of the field items.0.product.size [2].
In the column Your event property path you should keep the default value Default (root) as this will add a custom parameter at the Base Level (E.g. see campaign) which better fits most scenarios. In case you select either In "items" {items.X} or In "product" {items.X.product} this destination will look for the input event property starting from the items or product level respectively and add it as a custom Basket Data parameter. The advanced operation As Partnerize Basket Data can be paired with the property path option Default (root) so your property value is set as a custom entry in the Partnerize "Basket Data" for each item.
[1] This feature allows you to set an event property holding a dynamic value by adding two open braces ({{) in front of your property name and two close braces (}}) at the end (E.g. {{myEventPropertyPathAndName}}). [2] Using "dots" (".") you can navigate deeper to the specific field you want to get the value of. See Events reference for more details on the standard field names by event. You can also freely set custom fields: there are no boundaries.

Quick reference

Commanders Act Events
Partnerize Tracking

Field mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. Both parametersclickrefandconversionrefare mandatory. The two Basket Data parameterscategoryandquantityare required, whilevalueis needed if you intend to award commission based on percentage basis.
Commanders Act Properties
Partnerize Properties
Campaign Id
campaign [*]
Cookie Name for Click Tracking or
Event property containing click ref
clickref [*][1]
conversionref [*]
currency [*]
category [*]
quantity [*]
device [2]
context [2]
country [3]
Your event property
conversion_time [4]
Your event property
Partnerize property name [5]
[*] Mandatory property. [1] See Configuration for more details. if no value is provided, the default cookie named clickref is used. [2] See valid values. [3] Standard ISO 3166. [4] This needs to be set in theCustom Event Propertiesby adding the field conversion_timeasPartnerize property nameand setting a field holding a Unix epoch timestamp (10 or 13 digits) inYour event property. [5] SeeCustom Event Propertiesin Configuration for more details on how you can bridge custom properties to Partnerize.