IAB TCF v2.2 CMP requirements

The IAB TCF v2.2 has new requirements. This page listing the new elements of the CMP IAB TCF UI standard.

This is an informative page. Almost every listed points above are automatically managed by our Consent Module (only the buttons "accept all" and "refuse all" are not automatically added). Simply follow our Migration guides for Web and for App to update you banner with these new requirement

1st Layer

The standard text has evolved with more precise list of usage of datas, and the total number of IAB TCF vendors must be displayed

If your banner has a custom text, you can use this function to display the number of vendors on the first layer tC.privacy.getNbIabVendors()

IAB TCF requirements are very strict. If you wish to display a custom text, we strongly recommend you to ask a validation from IAB team. You can also refer to this cmp UX UI requirements guide

2nd Layer (purposes menu)

Buttons Accept All/Refuse All are required

If you don't have yet an accept all / refuse all buttons in your privacy center, you must add them manually. You can refer to the step n°2 of this page for setup help

The automatic text of Purposes has evolved

New TC string special purpose

The TCF will add a new (special) purpose to the classification of purposes in the TCF, informing their users that they are capturing and sharing data subject choices via the TC String. The name of this new special purpose is "Use limited data to select content" (ID 11)

Legitimate interest buttons will be removed on the following Purposes:

  • purpose 3 (create a personalized ads profile)

  • purpose 4 (select personalized ads)

  • purpose 5 (create a personalized content profile)

  • purpose 6 (select a personalized content profile)

3rd Layer (Vendors Menu)

3 major changes for the information provided by the Vendors

  • They can provide a cookie policy url in multiple languages (the displayed url will be the same then the browser language)

  • They must show the data retention period for each purpose

  • They must show data they will collect

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