Data Activation Legacy

Only for advanced users

This destination is temporary, it is the first step of the migration to support events format in Data Activation module

Map events collected to Data Activation format (previously called Data Commander format). The goal is to collect events and map it to Data Activation format to be able to use the segmentation, audience connectors, augmented user attributes...

Select Data Activation Legacy on the destination catalog.

On the settings page, you can find the mapping:

Step 1: Data Activation Variable ← Event property mapping

Select on the left a Data Activation variable (user_email ; user_id...) and map it to the corresponding event's property ( ; value...).

You can use a static value, please enter it between quotation marks “ “.

Step 2: Data Activation page type (env_template variable) ← Event name mapping

This mapping is dedicated for env_template variable.

On the left, enter the env_template variable corresponding to the page type and map it to the event name (ex: funnel_confirmation ⇒ purchase).

Step 3: additional mapping, ONLY for page_view event

Only for page view event, map the env_template variable corresponding to the page type to the page type in page view event (ex: productpage ⇒ product).

Step 4: Advanced options

Purchase event to Data activation conversion universe

If you check the box, purchase events will be stored on Data activation conversion storage.

Items mapping

If you check the box, you can define the mapping between product variables and items properties in event.

First, select the variable corresponding to the product list. Then, map the product variable to the item property in the event.

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