Data Governance


The Tag & Data Sharing page is a powerful feature that allows users to manage and monitor the data collected within our Tag Management System. This feature enhances data governance capabilities by providing clear visibility and control over the information processed by tags.


The Tag & Data Sharing page is designed to give our customers greater control and visibility over the data collected by their client-side tags and shared with partners.

Gain greater visibility and control over the data you collect, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and efficient data management!

Key information shown on this UI

  • Tag List:

    list of all tags associated with each container.

  • Variables:

    Variables list and associated mapping of the data collected by each tag.

  • Privacy Target:

    Privacy target associated to each tag (category and partner, if vendor option is activated).

  • Rules Overview:

    The rules (constraints & perimeters) that govern the launch of tags and the processing of data.

  • Expiry Date Monitoring:

    • the expiry date applied to each tags, if you setup expiration dates on your tags.

  • "Export" Functionality:

    • Easily export displayed data for further analysis or reporting purposes.

  • "See code" functionality:

    • Allows you to have an overview of the tag code in a single click.

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