Google Conversion Adjustments

This destination is currently under final review and will be available soon.
Google is a multinational technology company focusing on online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, and computer software. Taking advantage of the Google Ads API Upload Conversion Adjustments, you can amend conversions values initially reported by other means (E.g. via client-side tags).

Destination setup

To adjust a conversion, you must first have a conversion action set up, and conversions must have been reported in Google Ads interface.
Google recommends waiting 24 hours after a conversion is reported before sending adjustments. This will avoidCONVERSION_NOT_FOUNDorTOO_RECENT_CONVERSION upload errors. Also, wait 4-6 hours after creating a conversion action before adjusting its conversions to avoid aTOO_RECENT_CONVERSION_ACTIONupload error.
To identify the conversion and when a transaction identifier is not provided, this destination will try to include thegclidif its value is provided in the Google Click Id field (See Configuration for more details). If this is not set, the following cookies, in the presented priority order, are used to retrieve a proper value:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
On the other hand, when a transaction identifier is present both thegclidandconversionDateTimeare removed from the hit to prevent the GCLID_DATE_TIME_PAIR_AND_ORDER_ID_BOTH_SETupload error. More details on all upload errors are available following this LINK.
Conversion adjustments don't work with conversion actions whose type isUNKNOWN. In addition, adjustments for a conversion whose click has agbraidorwbraidinstead of agclidwill fail with aCONVERSION_NOT_FOUNDupload error.


Your credentials with Google Ads as set in the Commanders Act interface following: AdministrationConnector CredentialsAdd connector credentialsGoogle Ads
Map your Google Ads Conversion Name(s), where conversion value adjustments are applied, with Commanders Act event(s) by setting your Google Ads Conversion Name and Your event name. At least one line is required. Conversion names can be found in the Google Ads interface following:
TOOLS & SETTINGSMeasurementConversionsConversion action. If a conversion action is not found the event will be discarded.
Google Click Id
Google click Id (gclid) associated with the original conversion. This field has priority over related cookies.
Google Analytics Property Id
The GA Tracking Id is a string like "UA-XXXXXX-Y" or "G-XXXXXXXXXX" for Google Analytics 4. It's used as an alternative method to retrieve the gclid from cookies. See Destination setup for more details.

Field mappings

The transaction identifier (id) is required in any of the following conditions:
  1. 1.
    The type of the conversion action is equal to Website /WEBPAGE.
  2. 2.
    The original conversion you are adjusting was assigned a transaction identifier.
IfTransaction Adjusted Timestamp (adjustmentDateTime)"Smart Mapping" field is not set, this destination will use the current timestamp to set the Google property conversionAdjustments.0.adjustmentDateTime.
Commanders Act Properties
Google Conversion Adjustments Properties
conversionAdjustments.0.restatementValue.adjustedValue [*]
conversionAdjustments.0.orderId [1]
Google Click Id
Cookie _gcl_aw Cookie _gcl_dc Cookie _gac_[GA_PROPERTY_ID]
conversionAdjustments.0.gclidDateTimePair.gclid [2]
[*] Mandatory property. [1] This is required when specific conditions are verified. See Field mappings for details. [2] See Destination setup for more details.