Deploy Banner

Options to generate and deploy banner.

Sources > Privacy banners ( tab GENERATE & DEPLOY)

Generate Banner Versions

To deploy a new or updated banner it is first necessary to generate a new version of the banner. Click GENERATE to open the modal dialogue.

You will have following option when generating a new container version.

Preview New Banner Versions

You can preview and test new banner versions by clicking the TEST option on the right site of the banner version in the banner version list. This will preview the banner on a demo website.

It is recommended to test new banner on a test environment of the real website before deploying it.

The deployment process of a new banner version varies depending on the selected hosting method of the privacy banner. You can select the hosting method of a banner in the privacy banner settings that can be accessed with the gear icon on the top left of the interface (beside the privacy banner name).

Commanders Act CDN

Commanders Act CDN ensures a reliable and performant hosting of your banner. It allows to deploy banners automatically and in real-time.

Click DEPLOY to deploy a banner to the Commanders Act CDN.

On premise (self-hosted)

This option allows to self-host privacy banner. It therefore requires manual effort on each update. For on premise hosting it is necessary to provide the URL of the folder where the on premise banner is hosted. Example:


Click DOWNLOAD to download on the right side of the new banner files and manually update them on your server.

Container vs. Banner Deployment

In case both TMS and Consent Commanders Act are used to manage tags it is important to understand what needs to be generated and deployed for different update scenarios. Following table lists the elements that needs a generation and deployment for common scenarios.

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