Integrating your data

There are several ways how to get your data into Commanders Act platform.

Real-time Commanders Act tracking

Web container (OneTag)

You can use the OneTag to send events via our tag manager system.

Javascript SDK

You can use the Javascript SDK to track events directly from your website code/CMS/TMS.

Google Tag Manager

If you are using GTM client-side container, you can use our serverside platform by using the Commanders Act GTM template

Mobile SDKs

The Mobile SDKs are the best way to simplify tracking in your iOS/Android apps.

Rest API

If you need to build your custom solution, have a look to the http tracking API.

Third party tools

Commanders Act also offers connectors to third party tools, visit the source catalog to explore the full list.


It is possible to import data to Commanders Act through regular automated file imports (csv), such as:

Data API

You can send your specific data through our Data JSON APIs.

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