Rakuten Events

Rakuten Advertising is an affiliate platform that provide data-driven products and platforms to fuel advertiser and publisher connections at scale, creating relevant matches that activate audiences and accelerate performance. Using this destination you can implement server-side tracking.

Key features

The Rakuten Advertising destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference covers Rakuten Advertising lead and sale tracking, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.

  • Support for multi-item data: information included in the item array is bridged to Rakuten Advertising.

Destination setup

Rakuten Advertising adds a URL parameter ranSiteID to your landing page by default. This mandatory values is usually stored in a cookie called rmStore, which needs to be included in your events. Alternatively, you have the option to send its values by providing it in the field Rakuten Affiliate Tracking Id (tr) [1]. The cookie rmStore is also used to retrieve the mandatory property land , which can also be sent using the fieldRakuten User Arrival (land)[1]. See Field Mappings for more details. [1] "Smart Mapping" field.



Affiliate Merchant Id

Required ifRakuten Affiliate Merchant Id (mid) is not set

Your unique "Affiliate Merchant Id" as provided by Rakuten.


Required Map "Rakuten Conversion Types" with your "Commanders Act events" by setting at least a Rakuten Conversion Type and a Commanders Act Event Name. One entry is required.

Custom Event Properties

Map your custom event properties by setting their field names in Event property name and adding the field name holding the value in Commanders Act event property. E.g. if you inputsizein the Event property name and items.0.product.size in Commanders Act event property, you'll have a custom event property in Rakuten Advertising calledsizewith a value based on the content of the field items.0.product.size [1]. In the column Commanders Act event property position you should keep the default value Default as it better fits most scenarios. In case you select either In "items" {items.X} or In "product" {items.X.product} this destination will look for the input event property starting from the items or product level respectively and concatenate values separated by a pipe character ("|"). In this scenario, the property name used will be the one set in the Event property name plus the string "list" appended in the end.

Gateway Cookie Name

Your publisher links in Rakuten Advertising will direct users to a gateway page that sets a cookie holding key values. If you're not using the default cookie name ("rmStore"), enter its new name here.

[1] Using "dots" (".") you can navigate deeper to the specific field you want to get the value of. See Events reference for more details on the standard field names by event. You can also freely set custom fields: there are no boundaries.

Quick reference

Commanders Act EventsRakuten Conversion Type

[All events]

Sale or Lead

Field Mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. Rakuten Advertising has two different endpoints: default "ep" commissionable and "eventnvppixel" media optimization pixel. Using the "Smart Mapping" field Rakuten Tracking Endpoint you can select which one you want to use: set "mop" for the "eventnvppixel" media optimization or "ep" for the standard endpoint. Please note that there are limitations in terms of parameters you can send when selecting the "eventnvppixel" media optimization pixel. For the Lead conversion type, if you don't provide item information such as identifier, quantity and name, the following fixed values are set skulist=Lead , qlist=1 and namelist=Lead. Moreover, if amtlist can't be valorized with the provided information, it will be statically set as follow: amtlist=1 . More details on Rakuten properties are available following this LINK.

Commanders Act PropertiesRakuten Properties

Rakuten Affiliate Merchant Id (mid)

Affiliate Merchant Id

mid [*][1]

partners.rakuten.land Gateway Cookie Name

land [*][1][2]

partners.rakuten.tr Gateway Cookie Name

tr [*][1]


cur [*]

((items.X.product.price * items.X.quantity) - ([totalDiscount] * (items.X.product.price * items.X.quantity)) / [totalOrderFromItems]) * 100

amtlist [*][3][4]


skulist [*][4]


qlist [*][4]


brandlist [4]

items.X.product.category_1 > items.X.product.category_2 > items.X.product.category_3 > items.X.product.category_4 > items.X.product.category_5

catlist [4]


couponlist [4]


namelist [4]



















[*] Mandatory property. [1] Priority order is listed in the left column. [2] partners.rakuten.land must be in the 24-hour format: yyyymmdd_hhmm. [3] if items information are reported in your item list, this is computed using the item price and item quantity, otherwise the revenue is used. Multiplying by 100 is not applied when currency is set with JPN .[totalDiscount]is set with discount, items.X.discount (sum) or 0, in this presented priority order. [4] Distinct product information is separated with a pipe character ("|").

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