Segment overlap

The segment overlap feature allows you to compare your segments and visualize directly the audience shared between 2 segments.

This feature is very helpful in order to understand how your audience is divided and grouped in your segments.

It allows you to reduce the marketing pressure as it helps you to avoid activating similar audiences. For example, you can send an email to users on a segment. Then you can decide to send a SMS to users on another segment. However, it is recommended to check the overlap between the 2 segments in order to be sure you are not activating the same audience which can raise the number of opt-out.

It also allows you to refine your segments by divided a big segment into small pieces more relevant.

First step, select one of your segment and it will automatically calculate the overlap between the segment you choose and all your others segments.

Then you can visualize and analyse the overlap with the number of users in both segments and the percentage.

With the visual representation of each of your segments, you have an overview of the size of the segments compared, which is helpful to understand if your segment is part of a bigger one or is totally apart.

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