1- Audience configuration

Select 1 or many segment(s) you want to export.
Thanks to the cookie sync, we collect Xandr cookie ID for users. This is what we send to the destination.
Select the data range:
  • All: all stored data corresponding to what you selected
  • Pick up where last export left off: differential export, you can export only records which were not exported on the last export
  • Last... / Between...: select a precise period for the data range

2- Settings

  • Xandr Member ID: provided by Xandr
  • Xandr API username: provided by Xandr
  • Xandr API password: provided by Xandr
  • Xandr segment ID: available in Xandr interface
Precise the main separator and separator inside a variable (ex: value1,value2;value2a;value2b,value3)

3- Activation

Precise the running frequency for the export (every 10 minutes/day/week...)
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