Conversions files importer

If you wish to share your data via flat file feed integration, please use a CSV feed format, following the structure below.

The CSV format is based on the comma-separated value. The header must be declared in the first row of the file, it is recommended that headers are provided in the lower case and don't contain spaces.

Files can be uploaded to the Commandersact FTP or downloaded from your own FTP by CommandersAct. Get in touch with your Account Manager to agree the integration method that is best for you.

Use our CSV conversion importer connector to configure the FTP import.

Structure of the file:

1 file with 1 line per product (conversion item)

Each line in the file should be a distinct product (conversion item) with their unit price and quantity. Transactions that include several products should be split into multiple lines, sharing the same conversion_id.

Example: conversion_ID_1, conversion_item_1, conversion_ID_1, conversion_item_2, conversion_ID_1, conversion_item_3,

Be sure you are using exactly the same headers as in this example CSV file:

Some columns are required, please check this link to see which fields are required or not.

Please sort your file and group it by conversion ID (all conversion items related to conversion_ID_1 then all conversion items related to conversion_ID_2 etc...)

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