Amazon Ads Conversions API

Amazon is a multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Using this destination you can import conversion event data in Amazon DSP.

Key features

The Amazon Ads Conversions API destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference model matches Amazon's conversion definitions/types, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.

Destination setup


Quick reference

[1] Use Destination filters to specify your matching events. [2] See Conversion Definition Id in Configuration for more details.

Field Mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. All Amazon properties are include in eventData.0 .

At least one identifier must be provided in matchKeys .

[*] Mandatory property. [1] At least one identifier must be provided. [2] Depending on the value provided in matchKeys.X.values[0] , this is one of the following values: EMAIL, PHONE, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, POSTAL or MAID. [3] The client specified id for the conversion event. For events with the same clientDedupeId only the latest event will be kept. [4] This is set with with LIMITED_DATA_USE when is a non-empty string, non-false (boolean), non-zero (number) value.

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