Google Search Ads 360 Enhanced Conversions

This destination is currently under final review and will be available soon.

Google is a multinational technology company focusing on online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, and computer software. Taking advantage of the Campaign Manager 360 offline conversion API, you can leverage the "Enhanced Conversions" feature to send first-party data, while also giving the option to modify quantity and value, in the form of conversion batch updates.

The "Enhanced Conversions" (EC) in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) API is a hybrid solution with API, which is covered by this destination, and client-side tag: See our template tag gtag - Google SA360 - Floodlight for server-side Enhanced Conversions for more details. Google still requires Floodlight tags to get conversion info from advertisers' websites.

Google recommends triggering conversion batch updates between 90 minutes and 24 hours, with the latter being the upper time limit, after the client-side Floodlight tag is fired to maximize EC matching. After 30 minutes has passed since the client-side Floodlight is fired, you can already trigger conversion batch updates, but it's suggested to follow Google recommendation as reported above. More details are available following this LINK.

Destination setup

Before configuring this destination, you need to fullfil the following requirements:

Accept ToS

Enrich you Floodlight client-side tag

Ensure that both match_id and transaction_id fields are properly set. If you're setting up your client-side tag for the first time, you may want to use our template tag gtag - Google SA360 - Floodlight for server-side Enhanced Conversions.



Floodlight Configuration Id

Required Floodlight configuration identifier of the related conversion. More details are available following this LINK. [1]

Floodlight Activity Id

Required Floodlight activity identifier of the related conversion. More details are available following this LINK. [1]

Match Id

Required A unique advertiser created identifier also to be passed in the client-side Floodlight. More details are available following this LINK (See field name "match_id").

Total Quantity

Flag this option to consider the total quantity instead of the number of unique products.

[1] To find both values you can log into the CM360 account, and select the advertiser, then locate the Floodlight tab in the left panel. Open FloodlightActivities and find/create the activity you are using to receive the EC data. Values being shown, highlighted in green below, are (1) Floodlight Configuration Id (2) Floodlight Activity Id :

Quick reference

Commanders Act EventsGoogle Tracking API

[Any Event] [1]


[1] Use Destination filters to specify your matching events.

Field Mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. Google properties are set starting from the path conversions.0 or conversions.0.userIdentifiers.0 with the latter for user properties.

Commanders Act PropertiesGoogle Properties

Floodlight Configuration Id

floodlightConfigurationId [*][1]

Floodlight Activity Id

floodlightActivityId [*][1]

Match Id

matchId [*][1]

context.event_timestamp * 1000

timestampMicros [*]


ordinal [*]


value [*]



quantity [*][2]


hashedEmail [3]

hashedPhoneNumber [3]


addressInfo.hashedFirstName [3]


addressInfo.hashedLastName [3]


addressInfo.hashedStreetAddress [3]









[*] Mandatory property. [1] See Configuration for more details on these mandatory properties. [2] See Configuration (Total Quantity) for more details. [3] Automatically normalized and hashed if passed in clear.

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