Commanders Act X

Web container

The container associated with a Tag Manager account.
A web container is the browser-side component of Commanders Act Enterprise Tag Management system. It is composed of a set of browser-side tags, rules, triggers and enriched web data layer. It is represented by a container javascript file that is put on each pages of your website. For information about how users setup and maintain containers, see the dedicated Web container guide.

Connect serverside destinations to a web container

Sending data from your web container to serverside destinations offers a lot of advantages (web performance, security, data accuracy/quality, etc.)
To start sending data, there is only one easy step to follow : adding the Commanders Act One Tag.
The last tag that you will ever setup.
The One Tag allows you to send all your events to the Commanders Act platform in a normalized way, and once and for all, to benefit from all the serverside advantages that offer the platform.

Last modified 2mo ago